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James Earl Jones

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 240 of 365

Schattig Hollands Poppen Quiltje

Thanks Jeanneke!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Doniene this quilt is just beautiful!!! Well done, I love what you have made.

Jeanneke said...

Schattig! / Sweet!
Prachtig! / Magnificent!
These two Dutch words have the for foreigners almost unpronouncable SCH-, CH- and G- in them. I call them 'tongue-breakers'.

Wonderful design, a treasure, Doniene!

Lucy said...

It is beautiful! Well done Doeniene. It is definitely a dutch quilt.

Jeanneke said...

Treasure is in Dutch 'schat'.

In Dutch a sweetheart is also called'schat' :>)

So, darling and treasure can both be translated'to 'schat'.

Dag schat :>)

Marga (MarPie) said...

It is a cute, lovely, adorable little Dutch quilt. Wel done Doniene.