I think the extent to which I have any balance at all, any mental balance, is because of being a farm kid and being raised in those isolated rural areas.
James Earl Jones

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 236 of 365

Four more pinwheel blocks for the
Dutch small quilt!


Jeanneke said...

These pinwheels remind me of the old fashioned, dating from 1700's, Dutch polder water mills, especially because you used the Dutch fabric scraps :>)
My father's great-grandfather was a mill-builder/constructor; so, he was a real Dutch craftsman you can say.



Raewyn said...

Very cute - what size are you making these blocks? It's going to be a real charmer :-)

Marga (MarPie) said...

I really can't wait till it is all put together.

Jeanneke said...

Hi Doniene!
I started a 365 days blog today, too, joining your 'club'.
Hope I can make it to the last of the 365 days :>)



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blocks! I really love what you are making Doniene, this is going to be such a nice quilt!

Jeanneke said...

Heel mooi = Very beautiful, terrific.
Ga zo door = Go on like this :>)
Thank you = in Dutch 'Dankjewel'
Fabric scraps = Restjes stof

Alstublieft Doniene = When offering sthng to sbdy: Here you are / At your service
Alstublieft as a request = Please

Cheers, enjoy your day! /Groetjes, fijne dag verder!


Karen said...

I love the pattern and those patriotic colors! Have a happy weekend.

Lucy said...

Can't wait to see the blocks all together!