I think the extent to which I have any balance at all, any mental balance, is because of being a farm kid and being raised in those isolated rural areas.
James Earl Jones

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 237 of 365

Two little doll quilts and 
a rag doll from my childhood!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these dear doll quits and your precious doll, oh Doniene, this such a beautiful photo.

Jeanneke said...

So precious! Real treasures.
I love them.



Raewyn said...

How precious that you still have them - I bet they bring back lots of memories when you look at them.

Sue said...

Cute doll quilts, Doniene, but that rag doll is priceless, I enlarged it and think it is precious. A great treasure. I had a lot of dolls when I was a child, and would so love to have one of them now, Ig uess I didn't take very good care of them.
Thanks for sharing.

Marga (MarPie) said...

They all are so cute. Take good care of it.

Lucy said...

This is very special.

Betty Lou said...

These are precious, how special to have the rag doll from your childhood. I'm going to try and enlarge the picture so I can see the detail.