I think the extent to which I have any balance at all, any mental balance, is because of being a farm kid and being raised in those isolated rural areas.
James Earl Jones

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 311 of 365 - One Week Old!


Anonymous said...

Oh she is so adorable, a lovely joyous time in all of your lives. All the very best.

Jeanneke said...

Gracen the Precious.

Liefs en groetjes,


Raewyn said...

She is gorgeous!! Hope everything is going well :-)

Ranch wife said...

Aww how sweet. Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. Your sweet words were an encouragement.

Love your Blogs! Have not had the time to go through everything. But will make this a regular stop.

I have a short hair border collie..Maggie. She is getting old but she has been a good girl. She worked from puppy hood. Should have bred her and got some pups but didn't. :(

Have a heeler mix...I love him. He is a good companion but pretty worthless with cattle. Love to bark at the horses though. Ha

Enjoyed your quilting blog. I quilt but have let it slide the last few month. I need inspiration to get at it again.

HAve a blessed day


Joanne said...

OMG! So beautiful!

Mollie Fullagar said...

I can't wait to meet her

Mandie McIlroy said...

I just want to come cuddle her now.

Lucy said...

she is so sweet Doniene, what a gift that you have her so close by